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NESSTAR - Metadata Management Tool for Social Science Surveys

Nesstar software is an integrated suite of products aimed at facilitating the location and use of socio-economic, and similarly structured, data. It has been developed at the UK Data Archive in the University of Essex and the Norwegian Social Science Data Services in Bergen building upon the R&D of the EC funded NESSTAR and FASTER projects.

It allows users to browse distributed data catalogues over the Web, examine detailed information about the data (metadata), carry out simple data analysis (e.g. tabulations and graphical displays) and then download data, in whole or part, in one of a number of popular formats. The system contains registration and authentication facilities to filter access to data as necessary and a suite of data publishing and server management tools.

DAIS 6.5 - Metadata Management Tool for Social Science Surveys

A desktop application designed to enable the storing and management of metadata relating to survey data.  End-users can easily search across multiple dictionaries for the desired data and the quickly generate the extraction and execution scripts for many of the popular statistical analysis packages (SAS, SPSS, NSDStat, etc.).     

SRM 1.0 - Requirements Management Tool

A web enabled requirements management tool the begins at the RFP stage and ends post implementation.  The tool handles the loading of requirements at the RFP stage, enabling respondents to update and track requirement amendments and manage their response by composing solutions to each requirement.  Additionally, the tool can capture function point counts, associate use cases and cross relate requirements.  Requirements can be flagged for different levels of clarity or ambiguousness, assisting in the respondent in preparing questions, etc. for the requesting authority.   In the requirements validation phase, test plan references can be added and as the requirements are finalized, the system generates the agreement documents for signing.  The development phase includes tools for tracking changes, re-generation of requirement agreement documents and finally signoff documents.


Our services include both project management and engineering on everything from requirements gathering and validation, design and development, deploy and implementation along with full business process output (BPO) consulting.

Software Engineering

Our software engineering professionals deliver quality services in system design, development and implementation while adhering to industry "best practices".  Our SDLC is process is based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP) providing a disciplined approach to software development, which insures high-quality software that meets the needs of its end-users within a predictable schedule and budget.  The methodology used is Use Case driven and relies heavily on UML diagrams and written documentation during Inception (requirements gathering) and elaboration (analysis and design) phases.  


Our professional consultants in project management and information technology specializing meta-data management and ecommerce.  We have subject matter experts in the following areas:

Electronic Supply Chain (ESC) Management -
Including B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), B2G (Business to Government) and G2C (Government to Consumer).  

Electronic Tendering (eTendering) -
Including B2B (Business to Business) and B2G (Business to Government).  

Metadata -
Analysis, definition and management.


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