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Nesstar Launches Latest Version of Industry Leading Statistical Software Suite

25 May, 2004 – Madison, WI – Nesstar Americas Inc. along with Nesstar Ltd, a leading developer of customizable statistical software solutions for data analysis and visualization, today announced the release of Version 3.0 of Nesstar’s advanced statistical software suite, offering clients the next generation of web enabled business intelligence solutions for analysis, visualization and dissemination of statistical, survey and research data.

Nesstar 3.0 consists of a fully integrated tool set comprising Server, Publisher and WebView.  Nesstar 3.0 is the definitive tool to publish, access and manage all your data through a single system that supports micro-data (rectangular and hierarchical) as well as aggregated data (multidimensional tables or cubes) and other knowledge based products and digital assets.

Jostein Ryssevik, CEO of Nesstar, stated “Nesstar 3.0 offers a truly unique and intuitive interface to statistical data via Nesstar WebView, our new innovative end user client.  WebView allows data users and analysts to focus on content and knowledge creation rather than techniques.”

Nesstar 3.0 users will experience advanced and powerful data analysis capabilities delivered through a standard web browser, thus avoiding expensive installation and maintenance of software components on end user desktops. The interface is fully configurable and customizable, allowing the interface to seamlessly integrate into an organization’s web design or corporate image.

Ryssevik added “Organizations looking for speedy and cost effective deployment will welcome Nesstar’s 3.0 rapid server installation and configuration. Nesstar 3.0 Server combined with easy and efficient data publishing through the latest Nesstar Publisher provides users with the quickest possible route through the web to data resources. Nesstar’s robust and scalable components deliver remarkable performance when combining high volumes of data with high numbers of users, all at an affordable cost of ownership.”

Alan Clark, Nesstar’s Executive Chairman, states: “With 3.0 we expect increased public and private sector market penetration, creating new business opportunities globally.”

Nesstar 3.0 offers unified server management and data publication to multiple servers and vital protection of 3data against unauthorized access by the use of a sophisticated and flexible access control unit, allowing organizations to define access conditions down to the finest detail.

About Nesstar

Nesstar Limited (Nesstar) was formed in 2001 by the University of Essex in England and the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) at the University of Bergen in Norway, to continue the software development and to take to market products arising from two European Union (EU) funded projects. The company possesses world-leading expertise in statistical metadata and has, among other things, been heavily involved in the development of the DDI metadata standard. Nesstar is located in Colchester, with an additional development team in Bergen, Norway and an associated sales and support team in Ottawa, Canada.

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